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11″ Beautiful and Contemporary Trophies. Trophy Comes Completely Built with Sport Figure, Blue Swirl Column and Mounted on a Walnut Finished Base with Your Personalized Engraving Plate Including. Several different sport figures are available.

Made From Strong, Durable Plastic Material.

Should Children Receive Participation Trophies?

Participation soccer trophies have been given out since the late-1970s,  started by youth soccer leagues throughout the world. But they certainly seem more prevalent today, particularly throughout youth sports in the US.

Meanwhile, the argument on whether participation trophies are helpful or detrimental continues. It seems like people from professional athletes to individual parents have an opinion on the topic.

Are participation trophies a sign of entitlement or a nice reward for children learning to be competitive and using their time to play a sport rather than sitting in front of their television or playing video games?

Giving A Boost Of Confidence

Not everyone can win. It’s simply a fact, as typically 96% of all participants fail to win a championship in any given sport. Only one team or player can win!

However, only praising and rewarding the champions can have a negative affect to those who don’t win, particularly those younger athletes. Giving each child involved some level of recognition can go a long way toward boosting confidence and promoting future success. It tells the child that they even though they may not have won, they gave it their best effort, and always giving your best is important.

After all,there’s always next year!

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